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This is Domino Mania! The best collection of classic domino games. Domino Mania is designed for domino lovers to enjoy, relax and pass the time with casual and easy to understand gameplay. Definitely everyone will find the game that loves.

Domino Mania features the most popular game types:

Dominoes All Fives
is the free, easy and relaxing classic domino board game variant. Count the number of pips on the tiles at each end of your board. If it is a multiple of five, you score points. Doubles are played across the line, but only the first is played as a spinner. Spinner tile is played by four sides.

Dominoes Block
"The block domino game" will put your mind to work – there are no extra tries here – if you can’t figure out your next domino move, you will have to skip your turn. The round stops when one player dominoes or when nobody can play. No boneyard available.

Dominoes Draw Classic board game you remember from your childhood. Match your domino tile with one of the 2 ends already on the board. The winner of a round scores the total number of pips on the other player' dominoes! The players draw for lead (or set) and take turns placing tiles to form a single line. If you are blocked you must draw ties from the boneyard.

You can play all these variants with the help of a user-friendly interface that allows you to play one-handed. Take a break and play some bones!

Play Domino All FIves
Most popular Domino game modes.

There are dozens of rules out there, but our three modes are getting most of the attention.

multiplayer domino
Domino Mania! Full board game experience.

Play Domino with opponents and create an amazing personal board game experience. 

Domino multiplayer with avatars
Customisable avatar sets

Thousands of items and millions of combinations. Full character Avatar Creator for both man and woman. Fully customisable. Editable from the skin colour or hair dresses to the clothing.

Domino multiplayer with avatars
PvP multiplayer online 

Quick match-making system lets you play with other people easily and seamlessly in seconds. Unlock Premium character avatars to show yourself.

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